Islam calls upon its followers to reach out with open hands, and give in charity as a way of life. In the Quran, charity is often mentioned along with prayer, as one of the factors that identify true believers. Charity should be part of the very fibre of your personality as a Muslim.  


ISRA-UK is a charity organisation based in Birmingham that has been serving humanity since 1984. 


Our mission is the relief of poverty worldwide. Our vision is to instil change, hope and prosperity to the lives of many around the world.


 We tackle poverty by implementing Food, Water, and Self-sustainable programs around the world In very poor communities. 





We check on all of our projects regularly, ensuring every project embarked upon is implemented according to funding directives.




To deliver our services most effectively, locally registered partners, who have on the ground presence, are employed, guaranteeing the correct aid gets to those most in need.




Our Donation (Zakat) policy: is according to Islamic Principals. We endeavour to keep costs to less than 10% and aim to ensure that as much of your donation goes directly to the beneficiaries and for our ongoing aid work.