23 Feb BLOG

Bibi Halima, widow of Umar Hayat, Gul Kada, Swat

“The first five years of our marital life were good and peaceful and we led a happy life with our three children. In the sixth year, my husband was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. The illness snatched our peace and happiness. We were poor and could not afford his medical treatment,” said Halima in a choking voice.

Halima’s husband, Umar Hayat, was a young man and a skilful dyer who earned a livelihood on daily basis.

For seven years he lay bed-ridden, and a wealthy family in the neighbourhood paid for his medical treatment. Halima’s relatives also supported the family by providing food and other necessities.

“I remained hopeful for his recovery. But after suffering for seven years, he died and my longstanding hope was smashed,” she said.

She said her daughters were in school but had to curtail their education because she was unable to bear the expenses. “Luckily, a neighbour told me about Khpal Kor Foundation, a local partner of the ISRA-UK. I admitted my daughter Amna there and I am happy that she receives education and also family support in cash,” she said.

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