As we enter into an unsure future amid all the chaos brought on by the COVID – 19, we are responding to the need both here in the UK and abroad, and appeal for your continued support to ensure we meet the needs of people at risk.




Locally ISRA UK is responding to calls from needy families and assisting in topping up food banks as well as house to house deliveries of essentials to at-risk people, ISRA UK has teamed up with local Schools, Food Banks and national organisations to play its part in making sure help is never far away.



We are responding to appeals for Internally displaced people by providing Shelter, Hygiene Kits and Food to families in distress.  Each family is provided: Shelter to house 5 people, Hygiene Kit, 5 Mattresses, 5 Blankets and a family food pack.  The whole cost per family is £300 or you can donate whatever you can. 



Where the situation is still on the brink, and yet more misery casts its shadow over this war-torn country, ISRA UK is providing Emergency Hygiene Kits to families and front line medical staff in preparation for this unrelenting disease as it begins to take grip.


We are distributing emergency hygiene kits. Each kit costs £35 &

Food basket cost £40




Many people are stuck in isolation with no access to food, and it may not be the virus but the hunger that kills them. 


We desperately seek your help to provide urgent assistance to these places now and during



To help you can donate an Food Basket for  £40