Amid all the chaos brought on by the COVID – 19, we are responding to the need both here in the UK and abroad, and appeal for your continued support to ensure we meet the needs people at risk.





As coronavirus spread globally, Gaza is shut off from the world amid fears of COVID 19.  Its fragile healthcare system can not cope with the pandemic. Now cases have been detected within the enclave and Palestinians there say they are facing a “catastrophic” situation.


“Gaza has already collapsed,” said Mahmoud Miqdad, a supermarket owner. “No work, no money, no travel, wars, killings, suicides, and now coronavirus. What else can we expect?”



ISRA UK is responding to calls from needy families. ISRA UK has teamed up with local schools, national organisations, and opened a Food Bank to play our part in making sure help is never far away.



We are responding to appeals for Internally displaced people by providing Shelter, Hygiene Kits and Food to families in distress.  Each family is provided: Shelter to house 5 people, Hygiene Kit, 5 Mattresses, 5 Blankets and a family food pack.  The whole cost per family is £300 or you can donate whatever you can. 



Where the situation is still on the brink, and yet more misery casts its shadow over this war-torn country, ISRA UK is providing Emergency Hygiene Kits to families and front line medical staff in preparation for this unrelenting disease as it begins to take grip.


We are distributing emergency hygiene kits. Each kit costs £35 &

Food basket cost £40



Heavy monsoon rainfall has caused flooding and landslides in Sindh Province, Pakistan, including the provincial capital, Karachi. Many people were evacuated from vulnerable areas and shifted to safer places. ISRA-UK is on the ground distributing emergency food packs to vulnerable families, and we need your support.


We are distributing emergency food packs.  Each pack costs £40