Winter Appeal -
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Winter Appeal for Blankets, Warm Clothing

and Food in Gaza Palestine



This winter, thousands of vulnerable people in Gaza including needy children, the disabled, elderly and infirm, face the very real risk of dying a preventable death due to extreme winter temperatures. In light of the 2014 conflict, parents helplessly try to protect their children from the elements whilst forced to live outdoors as temperatures continue to drop and living conditions depreciate further as days go by. In fact, as confirmed by the Gaza Ministry Of Health, 5 children died in January 2015 as they froze to death contracting life-threatening illnesses such as hypothermia, the youngest of them only 5 months old.




The conditions in Gaza has exacerbated the humanitarian situation for Palestinian civilians. Unemployment and poverty rates have increased dramatically. The rate of unemployment rises to 55% during times of complete closure imposed by Israeli Occupation.  Likewise, the poverty rate in Gaza Strip is at approximately 70%. Unemployment and poverty in the Gaza Strip were aggravated further by the destruction of infrastructure in Palestinian towns and villages by Israeli Occupation, as well as the destruction of production and service sector institutions, including security establishments. Furthermore, more than 100,000 Civilian still homeless in Gaza where their houses were destroyed in the last aggression over Gaza.



Also, Gaza is suffering a 70% shortage of electricity. It is expected that the shortage will increase to 80% because of winter and low temperatures. This electricity problem in addition to the high prices of the heating appliances has even made the situation unbearable and very difficult for poor and needy peoples.



During our last Winter Appeal, ISRA UK provided warm clothing to 617 children and distributed safe lighting to poor and needy families who couldn’t afford to buy a rechargeable lamp because of the difficult economic conditions that they suffer from.



Our Project ” Save the children of Gaza from burning” aimed to minimize the use of candles for lighting, which causes fire and in many cases death. Through this project, 516 rechargeable lamps were distributed to the neediest.


ISRA-UK’s  Winter Appeal aims to provide food, clothing, blankets and other necessary supplies to people in need regardless of where they are geographically located. ISRA UK is able to provide supplies directly inside Gaza and is ready to help refugees across Europe through our partners.


This year we aim to distribute winter blankets, warm clothing and monthly food parcels to needy families, helping them survive the winter months ahead and granting them a little bit of warmth.


How you can help


Donate a winter pack for £40

A winter pack will provide items such as Blankets, Clothing and a month’s supply of Food as well as safe lighting in Gaza.