Livestock provides communities with family stability, food, and income.


Your donation will provide a household with sheep which can produce milk, wool and offspring, increasing the flock and for passing on to other needy families.

You can donate a minimum of £10 or the full price of £50 per animal

Factors affecting rural communities in Somalia are complex and varied, complete or partial poverty is suffered to a number of pastoral households who lose their animals during dry periods when rains are delayed or fail.


There are households in Sanaag, Somalia who have lost their entire livestock or a large percentage of it through disaster.


These households face challenges of survival due to their inability to restore their normal life unless they have such support of animal restocking.


In light of the drought in East Africa during 2017, we need your help to alleviate poverty in the region by donating a sheep.

One healthy sheep gives highly nutritious milk for essential protein, vitamins, and minerals, plus plenty of wool which can be sold at market for desperately needed income. Sheep often give birth to twins or triplets, increasing the flock and ensuring long-term benefits. Plus, sheep’s milk is up to twice as rich as cow’s milk in nutrients like protein, calcium, and B vitamins that growing kids need.


Without animal restocking, many farmers will have no choice but to leave the family home to find work in a neighbouring country. But the gift of a sheep through ISRA UK will enable families to stay together to earn a living through farming while passing inherited skills onto the next generation.


Donating a sheep is a perfect Saddaqa Jariyya gift that will keep giving to the donor and to the beneficiary.