Water is our most precious resource. Every day, we rely on water to sustain us and support our livelihoods. water is essential for life, and access to clean water is a fundamental human right.

One way to ensure that water is available for future generations is by supporting water conservation efforts today. One way to do this is through sadaqah jariyah or charitable giving.

Sadaqah jariyah is an Islamic concept of giving that benefits the giver long after the act of giving has been performed. When water is donated to a community in need, for example, the benefits of that water – such as the ability to grow crops or water livestock – are felt by the community for years to come.

Similarly, when a person funds the construction of a water well, they are not only providing water to a community in the present but also ensuring that water will be available for generations to come.

Education is another area where sadaqah jariyah can have a lasting impact. By funding scholarships or sponsoring educational programs, donors can help provide opportunities for people to improve their lives and build a better future.