Lebanon Urgently Needs Your Help

On Tuesday 4 August, Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, was left devastated by massive explosions at the city’s port. At least 137 people are currently known to have died, 3000 people homeless, and 5,000 people have been left injured from the blasts which caused damage to streets within a radius of several kilometres.


According to the head of the Lebanese Red Cross, there are still victims trapped under the rubble. We need everything to help the victims, and there is an acute shortage of everything.


In response to this disaster and because the Lebanese government is not ready to pay any compensation or distribute any aids among the affected families who have lost almost everything: ISRA-UK is launching an emergency appeal for affected households following the explosion in Beirut. The first phase of the appeal will include the provision of emergency packs which constitutes of basic food items, water, bread, and PPE kit.


Please donate to help victims of Beirut explosions.