We will be walking the Llanberis Path which is the longest and most gradual of the six main paths to the summit of Snowdon, it offers fantastic views of Cwm Brwynog, Llanberis and over the Menai straights towards Anglesey. This is the most popular path amongst leisurely walkers



Through the walk, charity and individual sponsorships, we aim to raise funds for our Food Pack Campaign, that will help provide families with food for the year in Gaza, Yemen, Syria and East Africa.


What you must do…


Registration for the walk is £15 per adult and £10 per child. Participants are required to raise £80 (= Two Food Packs). Connect with ISRA-UK via Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about the walk and any other ISRA-UK activities.


Getting There…


We will travel to the area by coach or minibus  and will be leaving from

ISRA-UK office, which is based at 354-356 Stratford Road, Birmingham,

B11 4AA.

Travel is approximately 3.5  hrs each way.

We will meet at 7.00 am for registration and depart from Birmingham at 7.30 am.

Once all the walkers have completed their challenge and after a little rest and refreshments, return to Birmingham for approximately 9.00pm.

Be prepared for the day




Essential is walking shoes or boots. Ordinary casual shoes are simply not up to the job, although good trainers will suffice for most of the walks if the weather is dry. Do not try to wear new shoes that have not been worn in, your feet will not thank you!


Keeping Warm and Dry


The second essential is a good wind-and waterproof jacket. Fashion items are often unsuitable: the label which says ‘shower resistant’ means just that! There are numerous waterproof jackets in many materials but they fall into two categories; those which ‘breathe’ and those which don’t. Non-breathable jackets are usually coated with PVC or some other plastic. They’re relatively cheap and totally waterproof but if you wear them for long periods you still get wet because your perspiration is trapped inside the jacket. Breathable jackets allow perspiration to escape while still keeping rain out. There are several ways of giving fabric this property, one of the most popular involving a membrane with microscopic pores through which water vapor can pass but raindrops can’t. Breathable jackets are expensive but you get what you pay for.


What Else?


The rest is really just common sense:

Carry warm clothing-including Hat & Gloves – in case it gets cold

If it’s sunny take sun-cream and make sure you wear that hat

Always take drinking water – you dehydrate very fast in sunny or windy conditions

Take food. Always carry something high-energy in case you need it, even if you don’t normally eat a packed lunch during a walk

Binoculars are good for spotting wildlife and getting a close-up look at the countryside

You may want to take a camera to record the expedition for posterity

A Rucksack, a small backpack will suffice to hold a few essential items, wrap your delicate items in a plastic bag





You need to keep Hydrated at all times otherwise this could lead to dehydration; also keeping salt levels up along with water is essentials especially during a climb or long trek.


Medical information


Trekking is a strenuous activity and you should, therefore, be reasonably fit and be in good health to participate. Remember, you will be hiking for several hours in one day over steep terrain!!

Fundraising Guide


Welcome to ISRA UK’s Fundraising Guide. Use it to help you reach your target and raise that much needed life changing cash.

There are ideas which are quick and easy and will hopefully keep you busy whilst putting some fun into fundraising.


So let’s start!!


Remember to make it enjoyable. Make friends, while meeting new people, get fit and feel good knowing you are making a difference.

Creativity, planning and having fun are the secrets to fundraising success. Start by thinking who you know, what you enjoy doing and who can help you.


Break down the total amount into smaller chunks and make a plan. Try to achieve one target at a time.

Ask family and friends to sponsor you, they are normally the ones who offer the most support & encouragement.

Ask Neighbours’, they are always willing to help out, and you may well get to know them better as well.


You Can Do It! 


Once you set your mind to it, it’s amazing what you can achieve.  Hundreds of people have reached and even exceeded their fundraising targets…and you can too.  Here are some tips and advice.


£200 Get your school or college to support you by allowing a collection or non-uniform day or organise a 5-a-side football match

£150 Team up with friends for a charity box collection at local mosque, shops, neighbours, (remember to get permission first)

£100 Ask Local business men to support you, maybe they will let you do a charity car wash on their premises etc.

£75 Sponsorship from family & friends,

£50 EBay unwanted items or take them to a car boot-get family & friends to have a clear out too

£25 Five family, friends or colleagues raise £5 each on your behalf

£15 Bring a pound to work day. Simply ask all your colleagues to bring just a pound to work in aid of charity.

£10 Garage or table top sales

£5 Collect any small change you lying about and ask others. Bake a cake and sell at work


Set Up Your Online Fundraising Page:


Create an on-line fundraising page and start collecting sponsorship in minutes.
We recommend Just Giving  or Facebook


Points to Remember


Don’t be afraid to ask everyone you know – friends, family, workmates, members of the sports team you play for, old school friends, your hairdresser. Remember – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!  When you set up your online fundraising page or start your sponsor form try to set an example by beginning with a large sponsor – hopefully, other people will follow suit.


Always add a target to your sponsorship page/form – and adjust it when you get closer!

Never be afraid to ask people to sponsor you – ISRA UK relies on people like you to continue their excellent work. Most people will give to charity but only when asked.


Explain what you are raising money for, so people know where their money goes – carry a leaflet from the charity with you.

Take a sponsor form everywhere and tell everyone about your online fundraising page; you never know when you may bump into a potential sponsor.

Ask a Mosque or shop if you can leave a sealed charity collection box for people to donate their change.

If people cannot afford to donate money they may be willing to donate their time and energy. Perhaps they could help you plan an event?


Social Media


Social media is a great way to get your story, and your fundraising page, to a much wider audience…

Update your Facebook status with your online fundraising page link so all of your friends see it in their News Feeds. For an extra push, post your link on their walls.

Ask friends to ‘donate’ their status update to you. Via their statuses, you can reach people you might not know.


Fundraising on Twitter


It’s a good idea to ask people to sponsor you with a personal message like an email, but Twitter is a great way to send out updates and reminders.

Use Twitter to share your on-line fundraising page – write what you’re doing and why people should sponsor you.

Ask your followers to retweet your link – so it reaches their followers too.


Fundraising on YouTube


Use YouTube to keep a video diary of your fundraising or make a film telling people why they should sponsor you. YouTube is a fun way to promote your fundraising and keep people interested in what you’re doing.


Fundraising with Blogs


Your challenge event is exciting, interesting and newsworthy so start a blog about it. Blogs are a great way to share your photos, videos and tweets in one place, keeping your supporters up-to-date




Well done! You have done your bit to help build a future for families around the world.
Now all you have to do is pay your money. The easiest way is to bring it to the office @ 354 Stratford Road B11 4AA

Or you can pay it online or pay in at your bank – Visit to for details
Or to pay by cheque please send to:
P.O.BOX 1301
Camp Hill
Birmingham B11 1QP


Please make cheques payable to ISRA UK- and write ‘Walk 2018’on the back of the cheque.

Thank you for Supporting ISRA UK

Register for the walk

Pay your Registration Fee

Start your own Justgiving

and start fundraising

WALK FOR A DAY FEED FOR LIFE completed and we at ISRA-UK

would like to thank all who donated and participated.

 May Allah reward you all.