Palestine Winter Appeal


Over 2,100 Palestinians lost their lives


Over 250,000 Palestinians lost their homes



The bombings in Gaza may have ceased, but the nightmare hasn’t. Gaza’s infrastructure has been obliterated and now thousands of Palestinians are suffering.


Livelihoods have been destroyed, hospitals are severely under-resourced, clean water, food electricity and fuel  are hard to come by. And now, the harsh winter weather is taking it, so toll.


ISRA-UK is  providing 300 needy families with warm clothing packs to help them during the severe weather conditions being faced in Gaza, Palestine. We are also supplying 300 families with  rechargeable light strips as part of the pack.


Once the light strips are charged, the lights will keep lit for up to 8hrs and keep 300 families from suffering the darkness that power cuts bring, enabling them to lead some semblance of ordinary life and reduce the risk of catastrophe.


More than 1.7 million Palestinians residing in the Gaza Strip must cope with scheduled electricity cuts of more than 18 hours daily.


Each winter pack costs around £30.00 and could save a child’s life. You can be part of this much needed initiative,  by donating a pack to a child, or donate anything you can, every little helps.


The project will be implemented by distributing packs directly to beneficiaries in the following areas:


Dair El Balah camp,  Al Burij camp, Al Maghazi camp,  Khan youins city,  Rafah