Globally, 1 in 9 people still have no access to clean water. But in the communities we serve, it’s 9 out of 9. Water is a daily and crippling challenge. Without water you can’t grow food, you can’t build housing, you can’t stay healthy, you can’t stay in school and you can’t keep working.


But the water crisis can be solved.


Children often bear the burden of walking miles each day to find water in streams and ponds, full of water-borne disease that is making them and their families sick.


You can change that.


Providing water is a very good way of offering a Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity) as the donor can expect to reap Allah’s blessings for as long as the well supplies water. 



‘The Messenger of Allah (saw) was asked, “Which charity is best?” He replied, “[Providing] water”’. [Abu Dawud]



£1550 will build a Solar Submersible Pump in Sindh Pakistan.

Solar Submersible pumps can supply water to locations which are beyond the reach of power lines. Commonly, such places rely on human or animal power or on diesel engines for their water supply or where frequent power cuts are observed and the power, when available, is not strong enough (like conditions in rural Pakistan). Solar Submersible pumps can replace the current pump systems and result in both socioeconomic benefits as well as climate related benefits, the exist- ing pump can also be driven using highly efficient control Electronics with MPPT which maximize the Solar Power extraction. The water supplied by the solar water pump can be used to irrigate crops, water livestock or to provide potable drinking, cooking and sanitation water.



£1050 will build a spring well in Uganda


£95 supplies a complete hand pump in Sindh, Pakistan.


£42.50 will buy a 250-litre tank filled with safe drinking water in Gaza.