Yemen Urgently Needs Your Help

The ongoing conflict in Yemen has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Millions of people have been displaced by fighting, food and water scarce. Furthermore, Covid-19 has brought Yemen’s health system to a complete collapse according to the medical charity Doctors Without Borders. 



According to the latest food security assessment released in December 2018, 20.2 million (about 76 per cent of the total population) would be facing life-threatening shortages of food without the assistance provided by the humanitarian community.




Millions of Yemenis struggle each day to find enough clean water for cooking and washing. Yemen has also been hit by the world’s worst cholera outbreak. Cholera is transmitted through contaminated water or food and thrives in areas that lack proper sanitation facilities. It has affected 1.3 million people and caused the death of 2,800 people. 17.8 million people lack access to safe water and sanitation and are at risk of contracting cholera.


The huge rise in cholera, malaria and acute diarrhoea in Yemen has compounded the country’s malnutrition crisis. Yemen’s health system is also nearing a breaking point, suffering from acute shortages of fuel and medical supplies, which has left the country struggling to respond.




Is to provide emergency hygiene kits to families and front line medical staff, medicines, food, water aid, empowerment programs, and orphan sponsorships.  


Simply put we aim to help as much as we can inshallah and we need your support to ensure families facing crippling poverty receive the life-saving assistance they need.