Emergency Projects

We deliver on the ground in places like Gaza,Turkey,Lebanon, Kashmir, East Africa and Yemen.

The main focus of ISRA-UK is it’s long term Aid Programmes which provide sustained assistance to needy communities. Still, we also play our role when an emergency strikes, providing emergency relief and helping those affected immediately by providing food, water, medicine, shelter, solar-powered lighting and clothing where needed.

We not only save lives. We also rebuild them, we stick around even after the situation has calmed, helping orphans and low-income families long-term.

ISRA-UK is responding to the need here in the UK and abroad.

We appeal for your continued support to ensure we meet the needs of people at risk

Not looking for a specific project?

You can also donate any amount to our emergency fund: This will be allocated to where it’s most needed for our emergency projects specifically.

Donations are processed through our secure CAF portal