Emergency Projects

At ISRA-UK, we are dedicated to delivering crucial aid on the ground in some of the most challenging regions worldwide, including Gaza, Turkey, Lebanon, Kashmir, East Africa, and Yemen. Our primary focus lies in providing sustained assistance through our long-term Aid Programmes to help needy communities overcome hardship and build a better future.

However, we also recognise the urgency of responding to emergencies. When disaster strikes, we swiftly mobilise to provide immediate relief to those affected. This includes supplying essential items such as food, clean water, medicine, shelter, solar-powered lighting, and clothing to ensure their basic needs are met during times of crisis.

Beyond merely saving lives, we go the extra mile to rebuild them. Our commitment to those we serve extends far beyond the emergency phase. Even after the situation has calmed, we remain steadfast in our support, providing ongoing assistance to orphans and low-income families, ensuring they have access to education, healthcare, and essential resources for long-term stability.

ISRA-UK’s impact is not limited to international borders. We recognise the need here in the UK as well and respond to local challenges. Through our diverse programmes, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people at risk, both abroad and in our own communities.

Our efforts would not be possible without the generosity and compassion of supporters like you. We appeal for your continued support to help us meet the ever-growing needs of vulnerable communities. Together, we can create lasting change, bringing hope and relief to those facing adversity and building a more compassionate and equitable world for all.

Not looking for a specific project?

You can also donate any amount to our emergency fund: This will be allocated to where it’s most needed for our emergency projects specifically.

Donations are processed through our secure CAF portal