At ISRA-UK, we are dedicated to bringing hope and relief to those in need. Zakat plays a vital role in achieving this mission. Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam and is an obligatory form of giving for eligible Muslims. It is a means of purifying wealth and sharing it with those less fortunate.

Zakat is calculated based on a percentage (2.5%) of a Muslim’s surplus wealth that exceeds the Nisaab threshold. The Nisaab threshold refers to a Muslim’s minimum wealth before Zakat becomes obligatory. This threshold is determined based on the value of gold and silver or other equivalent measures.

By giving Zakat, you enable us to reach out to those struggling and provide them with essential support. Your Zakat donations help fund our feeding projects, water initiatives, empowerment programs, and orphan care initiatives, allowing us to make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

We also understand that not everyone can give Zakat, and that’s where Sadaqa comes in. Sadaqa refers to voluntary giving, allowing individuals to contribute whatever amount they can towards our cause. Whether a small donation or a larger contribution, every act of Sadaqa helps us in our mission to alleviate poverty and bring hope to those suffering.

Your generosity, whether through Zakat or Sadaqa, can tremendously impact the lives of those in countries such as Afghanistan, Kashmir, Pakistan, Yemen, Gaza, Lebanon, Turkey, and East Africa. Let us make a difference and bring positive change to those in need.

Ndagire Hasifah

In the quiet village of Kasenka, there lived a resilient grandmother named Ndagire Hasifah. She had taken on the noble role of raising her two young grandchildren after the loss of their parents. To make ends meet, Ndagire sold bananas, tirelessly working to provide for her family. 

Life had been a series of uphill battles, but hope arrived unexpectedly. Generous Zakat donations from ISRA-UK brought rays of light into Ndagire’s life. With these funds, she could improve their living conditions and ensure her grandchildren’s well-being. Ndagire’s heart swelled with gratitude as she saw the promise of a better life for her family. The kindness of ISRA-UK’s donors was a lifeline, offering Ndagire and her grandchildren a chance for a brighter and more secure future. 

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