The Prophet said, “The one who looks after a widow or a poor person is like a Mujahid (warrior) who fights for Allah’s Cause, or like him who performs prayers all the night and fasts all the day.” – Narrated by Abu Huraira

In Pakistan and Kashmir, widowhood is very tough, especially for women under 40 who lose their husbands early.

Living in ‘widowhood’ exposes many women to just becoming statistics, often consigned to the most vulnerable individuals in society. Unfortunately, the position of being a mother and breadwinner is constantly challenged by difficult surroundings and lack of
interest from others for the well-being of a fatherless family.

Her suffering is emotional and psychological because now she is responsible to earn and bring up the children.

While some  people are not worried about widows or their hardships, Islam plainly specifies the rights of widows and orphans in Qur’anic scripture and in Hadith. Islam does not tolerate oppression and strongly emphasises a widow’s rights and freedom. There is reward for every Muslim who respects widows and empathises with them.

Our Kashmir aid programmes are designed to alleviate this stress, enabling lone mothers to confidently feed and nurture their children whilst providing young orphans with the nutrition and care they need to succeed.

Many orphan children leave school to work and help their mothers. This lack of education reduces their prospects further and creates a vicious cycle of suffering.

Our support to widows and orphans in Kashmir helps break the continuous struggle that these innocent families face:

Livelihood Programme: Helps widows achieve a skill or enhance their abilities to give opportunity to access sustainable income to support their children long term. They can work reasonable hours and spend quality time nurturing their children who often are included on any education programme support being offered in their area.

Orphan Sponsorship: Provides orphan children with food, education, healthcare, clothing, and shelter. It also nurtures orphans to overcome the trauma of losing a parent and supports them to fulfil their potential. This support is lifesaving for these children and their families.

Widow Support: Not all widows able to work or train, and therefore they cannot access the help programmes for various reasons. In that case our Widow Care overs financial assistance to the very marginalised to help them through very difficult times.

Our help can be the difference between a widow and her family keeping their rented home or being without shelter or warmth.

Your continued support can provide the struggling people of Kashmir with lifesaving, essential items, and vital sustenance. Additionally, we aim to help those in need rebuild their lives by providing widows with sewing machines, assisting them in generating a sustainable income, and achieving financial security.

By sponsoring an orphan, providing emergency supplies, or assisting in giving widows a livelihood, you can make the difference and save lives.

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