A Palestinian man carrying his blanket
ISRA-UK has been distributing food parcels and fresh hot food to families in Gaza



  • Mother and child hygiene kit – £25
  • Food parcel – £35
  • Medication and disposables – £45
  • Potable water – £15 per family
  • Surgical supplies – £40
  • Zakat Fitrah – £4.00 (per person)
    General – as much as you can spare.

    The latest reports indicate that the death toll from the ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip has tragically surged to 34,94312. The situation remains dire, with devastating consequences for civilians caught in the conflict.

    Here are the updated figures as of May 11, 2024 in Gaza:

    • Killed: At least 34,943 people
    • Injured: More than 78,204 people
    • Missing: More than 10,0004

    ISRA UK is steadfastly providing crucial emergency aid such as hygiene packs, medical supplies, hot meals, family food packs, and potable water. Thanks to generous donations from supporters, hundreds of families have received much-needed assistance.

    The dire situation necessitates ongoing public support for successful aid delivery. Long-term plans are urgently required for Gaza’s recovery, including establishing shelter options, providing financial aid, and ensuring sustained medical assistance.

    ISRA-UK boasts a commendable 16-year history of successful partnerships in Gaza, offering vital support to orphans, widows, agriculture, water infrastructure, healthcare services, and emergency responses.

    A heartfelt thank you is extended to all donors. Your continued follow-up, sharing, and contributions wherever possible are greatly appreciated.



    Donations are processed through our secure CAF portal

    Alhamdulilah below is a Gaza aid delivered update.

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