On Sunday 18th August 2019




We invite you to take part in our sponsored family walk. This year we will be walking the Long Mynd; Situated in the midst of rolling Shropshire countryside. An easy family walk.


Long Mynd is a dramatic, isolated whale back hill with an open expanse of heather wilderness and deeply cut valleys with hill streams.




Through your charity and individual sponsorships, we aim to raise funds for our Feeding and emergency programmes, that will help provide poor families with food in Gaza, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, and East Africa.




Say Bismillah.
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We will travel to the area by coach or minibus and will be leaving fromISRA-UK office, which is based at 354-356 Stratford Road, Birmingham, B11 4AA.


We will meet at 8.00am for registration and depart from Birmingham at8.30am.

We will arrival at Long Mynd around 10.00am and return back to Birmingham around 8pm inshallah.

Be prepared for the day

Footwear Boots


Walking boots are essential. Ordinary casual shoes are simply not up to the job. Do not try to wear new shoes that have not been worn in, your feet will not thank you! Walking Socks are also good and may prevent blisters.


Keeping Warm and Dry


The second essential is a good wind-and waterproof jacket. Fashion items are often unsuitable: the label which says ‘shower resistant’ means just that! There are numerous waterproof jackets in many materials but they fall into two categories; those which ‘breathe’ and those which don’t.


Non-breathable jackets are usually coated with PVC or some other plastic. They’re relatively cheap and totally waterproof but if you wear them for long periods you still get wet because your perspiration is trapped inside the jacket.


Breathable jackets allow perspiration to escape while still keeping rain out. There are several ways of giving fabric this property, one of the most popular involving a membrane with microscopic pores through which water vapour can pass but raindrops can’t. Breathable jackets are expensive but you get what you pay for.


What Else? 

The rest is really just common sense:


Carry warm clothing-including Hat & Gloves – in case it gets cold

If it’s sunny take sun-cream and make sure you wear that hat

Always take drinking water – you dehydrate very fast in sunny or windy conditions

Take food. Always carry something high-energy in case you need it, even if you don’t normally eat a packed lunch during a walk

Binoculars are good for spotting wildlife and getting a close-up look at the countryside

You may want to take a camera to record the expedition for posterity

A Rucksack, a small backpack will suffice to hold a few essential items, wrap your delicate items in a plastic bag

Anything else such as a change of clothes and comfortable light footwear should be kept in a spare bag and left on the coach.





You need to keep Hydrated at all times otherwise this could lead to dehydration; also keeping salt levels up along with water is essentials especially during a climb or long trek.


Medical information


Trekking is a strenuous activity and you should, therefore, be reasonably fit and be in good health to participate. Remember, you will be hiking for several hours in one day over steep terrain!!


Mountain Guide


To make sure your trek is safe and enjoyable we will be using Professional Mountain Guides. It is a must that you listen and act upon their instructions at all times.


Please bear in mind the weather in the UK is very unpredictable, especially on high ground. It is your responsibility to bring the correct clothing. You may not be able to take part otherwise.