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ISRA-UK 2023 | A Year in Review

The ISRA-UK team overseeing educational projects in north Pakistan in January 2023

As 2023 began, ISRA-UK was delivering winter aid directly to disadvantaged families in Lebanon, Kashmir and Pakistan; as temperatures plunged throughout south and east Asia.

During this time, we also continued our work with victims of the Pakistan floods from the previous year. With support from retailer Morrisons in the UK, their staff helped us raise vital funds to build brand new homes for homeless families in the Sindh region of the country. Additionally – thanks to your fundraising – we supplied 60 wheelchairs to individuals with mobility issues, and distributed ample food packs across several villages which were damaged by flood waters.

As February began, a devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake impacted southern Türkiye near the northern border of Syria – the deadliest worldwide since 2010 – affecting an estimated 14 million people, leaving 1.5 million people homeless; and in its wake leaving over 59,000 people dead across both countries.

ISRA-UK food distribution in Sindh region of Pakistan for flood victims in January 2023

As an international charity, our team sprang into action not only to raise much-needed funds for those affected but to collect essential items, warm clothes and blankets to send to individuals and families who had lost their homes and belongings; and had been sheltering in refugee camps and temporary accommodation.

Thanks to the immensely generous donations from the public, you all helped us fill two 20-tonne aid containers which were kindly co-transported to southern Türkiye by Turkish Airlines. This action was complimented by your financial contributions of over £100,000 which helped assist thousands of survivors in the region; many of whom have been or are in the process of being rehoused.

During Ramadan in March and April, you helped us ‘Share the Blessings’ through your Zakat and Sadaqa, as we embarked on our annual campaign of feeding those in need from Afghanistan, Kashmir and Pakistan; to Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon and East Africa.

During May, local partners helped us load a freight container with essential and much-needed health equipment donated by British medical centres, to be transported to the district of Jinja in Uganda. Thanks to your ongoing support, we were able to wave off this enormous shipment as it made its four-month journey to the African nation.

In June, we deployed our first-ever all-women’s group of fundraising donors and volunteers to the cities of Şanlıurfa and Osmaniye in southern Türkiye, to help the victims of the recent regional earthquake. With a strong focus on women’s hygiene and sanitary items, you helped us distribute care packs, Zakat contributions, toys for children to celebrate Eid, and food for families residing in refugee camps near the Syrian border.

ISRA-UK women’s aid deployment to refugee camps following the devastating Türkiye earthquake

We welcomed hundreds of you to our Eid Family Fun Day in Birmingham in July, showcasing an array of gifts, food, clothes, sweet delicacies and attractions; all raising money for Sadaqah contributions towards ISRA-UK’s work nationally and across the globe.

Alhamdulillah, in August, we committed our efforts to a six-month malnutrition programme in Taiz in Yemen; focusing on alleviating food shortages and improving the health & wellbeing of malnourished children and adults in the city.

In September, we worked with partners once again in Şanlıurfa to assess a rehabilitation centre for disabled children, including victims of the Syrian war, continuing our tradition of permanently improving the lives of those affected by trauma and hardship.

Whilst our team was in Türkiye, we received news that a 6.8 magnitude earthquake had struck Morocco’s Marrakesh–Safi region, and immediately offered support to relief teams in the area. Thanks to you, we were able to deliver essential aid where it was needed most.

ISRA-UK polio immunisation programme across western Uganda in October 2023

In October, we dispatched a delegation to assist with the implementation of a special polio vaccination programme for isolated communities across Kampala and Mubende in east Uganda. Over the course of a week, we worked with local partners to oversee the inoculation of over 2,500 people in rural villages.

For a mere £1 per person, your donations help us immunise and protect children and adults against the spread of viruses and diseases that destroy immune systems and ruin lives.

As part of the immunisation drive, health teams will also continue to provide HIV treatments, malaria resistance, diabetes awareness; and anti and post natal care.

Additionally in the city of Jinja, we began work to restore an Islamic health centre’s only ambulance which had been stolen, worn down and out of action for several years.

Our humanitarian aid convoy being prepared in Cairo, in December 2023, to travel to Gaza

During the same month, a military offensive was launched on the Gaza strip in Palestine, unleashing death and destruction on the 2 million strong population of the territory. Having worked in the region for almost four decades, ISRA UK was well placed to join the international humanitarian response to the emergency.

Following a call to our donors, you all helped us deliver urgently required medical disposals, as well as water, sanitary and hygiene kits. On the ground in Gaza, our teams have spent months preparing and providing food packs and hot meals for the displaced victims of the bombardment.

Whilst the Gaza emergency appeal is at the forefront of our current campaigns, we remain committed to our work in other parts of the world and in November, we devoted fresh funding towards crucial cataract operations in Kashmir. 

Your donations also continue to implement Hifz programmes and mosque provisions in the region; and your Zakat is vital to our projects working with orphans and widows in the State. During our latest visit to Neelum, we reviewed over 3,000 trees that have been planted as part of Kashmir’s walnut harvest, all  made possible through your donations over the last three years.

ISRA-UK Ramadan Zakat donations for families in Gaza during March and April 2023

As the Israeli incursion entered its third month in December, we launched an Egypt to Gaza convoy appeal to ensure delivery of three truckloads of bedding, clothes, flour and food packs through the Rafah border; ahead of the temperature drop in Palestine. 

Being delivered into Gaza by the United Nations on our behalf, these emergency supplies are a drop in the ocean compared to demand, so we hope you can continue to contribute funds to help alleviate the suffering and struggles of the Palestinian people during the winter period.

For ISRA-UK, the last twelve months have been more intense than any of the years before, with multiple disasters impacting key regions in or around areas we carry out relief work. As we approach our 40th year as a charitable organisation assisting the most vulnerable and marginalised, we hope you will continue to join us in supporting our ongoing projects as well as our emergency campaigns. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our donors, partners, staff and volunteers who make what we do possible, and help us all make the world a safer and better place.

Jazak’Allah khairun wa salam’alaikum.

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100% Transparency

We at ISRA-UK are proud to speak about all our projects with complete clarity. Unfortunately there are costs involved with providing charity to any part of the world but we make sure that every penny given to a cause, contributes to the cause. If you would like further information please feel free to get in touch or alternatively view our policy by clicking the link below.

Let’s be clear

100% Transparency

We at ISRA-UK are proud to speak about all our projects with complete clarity. Unfortunately there are costs involved with providing charity to any part of the world but we make sure that every penny given to a cause, contributes to the cause. If you would like further information please feel free to get in touch or alternatively view our policy by clicking the link below.